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‘Server huggers’ present obstacle to cloud adoption

Computerworld – 23 minutes ago

Organizational psychologists say they have seen the behavior described by Michael Barr, a psychologist and department chair of business psychology at

Apple iPhone 4S launch failure and Indian consumer psychology

Journalism.co.uk (press release) – 29 minutes ago

Foreign companies just don’t understand Indian consumer psychology and year after year they are learning this lesson
at a high cost.


Journalism.co.uk (press release)

Nigeria: Exam Fraud – Abia Lawmaker’s Aide Denies Allegation

AllAfrica.com – 48 minutes ago

Obi, who holds a masters degree in Psychology and presently processing her registration for a law programme at Abia
State University, was on December 1

Would You Kill One Person to Save Five? New Research on a Classic

TIME – 1 hour ago

Now a team from Michigan State University’s psychology department has used In the Michigan State
study, led by psychologist David Navarette,
The business of football

KickOff – 1 hour ago

What does a sports psychologist do? They assist individual players and the team with a Having an
expert in sports psychology to provide a listening ear

Gov. Jerry Brown names capital student to community colleges board

Sacramento Bee – 3 hours ago

Yang is pursuing an associate degree in psychology at Mendocino College. She has served as a senator for the Student
Senate for California Community


Sacramento Bee

Is Ukraine the next link in a new iron curtain?

EurActiv – 3 hours ago

These are not public school boys brought up in the environment of old Europe; they are people whosepsychology is hard
wired to the methods of the Soviet

Ann Augustine busy with her exams

Galatta.com – 4 hours ago

She is a student of MA psychology at Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. The actress could not attend class for two
months at a stretch due to her shooting

Research Fellow In Statistics

The Conversation – 4 hours ago

in social networks, and their application to the dynamics and evolution of complex networks, with applications in social psychology and criminology.

department to test out new Copenhagen study abroad

Student Life – 4 hours ago

DIS hosts the new study abroad program at Denmark for psychology students. Study abroad options for psychology students are broadening this year with a new


Student Life

Eduardo Montoro

Autor: Eduardo Montoro

Mi nombre es Eduardo Montoro, soy del 68, estoy casado con Graciela y tengo un hijo, Juan Manuel.
Tengo un largo recorrido académico, definido por un amigo como el viaje de Frodo, no porque sea como Frodo, sino por las peripecias que tuve que pasar, algunas en Italia otras en Argentina. En ese viaje obtuve varios reconocimientos académicos:
• Licenciado en Psicologia, Universidad Católica de Cuyo.
• Master en Psicología de Counselling, Università Europea di Roma
• Profesor de Psicología, Universidad de Mendoza
• Licenciado en Filosofía Sistemática con orientación Lexicográfica, Pontificia Università Gregoriana
• Licenciado en Filosofía del Derecho, Universidad Católica de Cuyo
• Y cuatro años de Teología, no acreditados oficialmente en ninguna universidad, pero que equivalen a una licencia.
Actualmente resido en San Juan, Argentina y mi hobby es salir a andar en moto en duro por los cerros sanjuaninos.
Pero lo que más me apasiona es ver crecer a las personas, superarse, en las más difíciles e inimaginables circunstancias.

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